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About us

The actual founding of the company of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. is in February 2006. The activity of the company is mainly focused in the field of shipbuilding, ship repairs, the building of metal structures and pipelines.

With its founding, the company started the performance as a subcontractor of Odessos Shiprepair Yard, JSC. in the field of hull welding and pipe works. During the first 3 months, the company made 8 repairs of the ship in the same field. Up the present moment, BUMERANG SHIPPING continues to expand its activities, performed for Odessos Shiprepair Yard, as except for the main types of works, the company already performs works in the field of the machine and electrical repairs and mounting.

After the passing of the first 6 months of its founding, BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. expanded its activity and started work in the field of the shipbuilding. Upon being selected to be the subcontracting company of „SHIP MACHINE – BUILDING, JSC. for the building of 2 new engineless barges ordered by BULGARIAN RIVER SHIPPING, JSC. Upon the release of the 2 barges, the company was engaged in the building of more engineless barges for the same owner.

BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. also participated in different additional operations such as the building of board sections, bottom sections, hatch covers, mounting of sections on stocks, etc.

In September 2007, the company received an offer from a Jordan company for the building of 2 working motor little ships, which were to be used as part of the process of production of salt in Jordan. Their building started in February and on 15th July 2008, they were delivered to representatives of the plant, after which we were offered to participate in the elaboration of future projects for other vessel facilities and their manufacture.

In March, BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. was invited by the President of TEREM - KRZ FLOTSKI ARSENAL VARNA EOOD start working as a subcontracting company of the shiprepair yard. Upon the implementation of a few repair works, a Framework Agreement on Close Cooperation was signed. On the territory of this shiprepair yard, the company was selected to be the main subcontractor in the repair works for the ships of VASILEV MARITIME – MALTA. In August, BUMERANG SHIPPING received the exclusive right to get ship on the territory of the shiprepair yard for repair works.

In October 2008, the company stated working as a subcontractor of BULYARD SHIPPINGBUILDING INDUSTRY, JSC. for the performance of section and stock assembly of sections, partitions, superstructures, etc., and other shiprepair woks of hull structures, systems and pipelines. Upon the implementation of series of quality repair works and the completed shipbuilding contracts, the company of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. signed its first FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT on the manufacture with BULYARD SHIPPING INDUSTRY, LTD. on 06th August 2009. Up to the present moment, the company is the main subcontractor in the shiprepair yard and annually the company signs Framework Agreements on Manufacture / ship No. 101, 102, 103, 459/ and shiprepair works – hull welding works on different ships / m/v ADVENT; ST.ROSSA; DONAU; ASPEN; SKAGEN; BERGFJORD; EMONA, etc./.

On 20th October 2010, the company expanded its activity in the shiprepair yard and started building, mounting and dismantling scaffolding, as at the moment it is the only company to perform these activities on the territory of the shiprepair yard. In 2012, the company of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. is the main subcontractor of the shiprepair yard in the relation to the hull and piping works during the transformation of m/v ENTERPRISE into oil rig servicing ship and emergency oil-collecting ship.

The company of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. maintains and services the fishing ships of the company of ELEKTA, also performing express repair works in dock and on roadstead of the company of ASPEN MARITIME INVESTMENT Ins. through their representative: „AHILLEOS SHIP MANAGEMENT, LTD.

Upon successful cooperation and repairs made for MTG-DOLPHIN PLC, the company of BUMERANG SHIPPING signed an agreement with them in 2010 as a subcontractor of the shiprepair yard.

In April 2012, the company of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. participated in the modernization of a pipeline for the site of Oil Depot with Marine Antipollution Enterprise, JSC. In the same year, the company was invited to take part in the transformation of m/v Varna.

In the process of the company development and with the greater experience and our recognition as quality partners, being competitors on the market, the company of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. was invited by the Chairperson of the Bulgarian National Association Shipbuilding and Ship Repair to become a full member of the association and in the same year, the company took its place among the members of the Bulgarian Association of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. Also, as of 2011, we have been one of the sponsors and members of the Council of the Programme of SHIPBUILDINGM AND MARITIME EQUIPMENT with the Technical University of Varna.


The company operates on the territory of a few shiprepair yards and as at the present moment, the company has:

Qualified engineers /supervisors/, servicing the whole ship building and repairs.
Qualified workers in the following areas of works:
Qualified welders – specialists in electric arc welding of ferrous and nonferrous metals and cast irons; specialists in semi-automatic welding – MIG-MAG with СО2 and Ar.
Hull workers
Fitters of piping structures
Servicing personnel.

The company is in position to increase its capacity, if necessary and in the interest of the quality work done in time. Many of the professionals of BUMERANG SHIPPING, LTD. have worked for Bulgarian and famous European and global companies, which speaks for itself that we are familiar with the standards and requirements for quality. The engineering technical have also enriched their experience abroad as supervisors, foremen and mechanicians. Equipment

The company has own equipment and all of the accompanying equipment accessories for our work.